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New materials development

New materials created from original ideas and a firm technological base.
Without materials development as the starting point, a wealth of new features and quality products will never come into being. As a developer and manufacturer of resin and composite materials, we have been responsible for the production of many new materials.

Vinyl chloride substitute materials
Main features of vinyl chloride substitute materials

Resin molding with self-developed materials excelling in heat resistance and strength.

Resin molding with self-developed materials excelling in heat resistance and strength.
These materials have been developed as substitutes for vinyl chloride and other elastomeric material*.
Using PET as the basic material, we can freely make adjustments to give the material a soft texture like leather or soft vinyl chloride, and in terms of resistance to abrasion and elastic strength, it compares favorably with vinyl chloride. The material also has heat resistance qualities superior to other elastomeric materials.

*Soft plastics such as EXA, EPAM, TPO

Merits of vinyl chloride substitute materials
An environmentally-friendly alternative to vinyl chloride.
The hardness (adjustment of hardness) can be performed at will.
The materials can be recycled.
The materials are capable of sheet molding and injection molding.

Molded parts
Many kinds of molded parts can be produced having superb flexibility even with recycled PET material. These can be processed in various degrees of thickness, flexibility, colors, and transparency, so have a range of applications including insulation coatings and shock absorption material.

Urethane coating
Main features of urethane coating

Urethane can be applied as coating onto the surface of foam material.

Coating on the surface of foam material used to be impossible due to the coating seeping into the material, but it can now be achieved using aqueous urethane coating.

Merits of urethane coating
Can be used to coat even porous surfaces.
Since it uses aqueous coating, it causes less harm to the environment and human health than products containing thinner.
We offer a selection of soft or hard films, and they are difficult to break.

Main applications of urethane coating
Uses include protective coating for children's toys and sofa material.
The coating does not seep even into porous sponge material, and can be used to coat just the surface.
Even on cylindrical objects, the coating surface does not break, and since it is highly weatherproof, it can be used outside as well.

Other products
Injection molded parts using waste paper
These products combine paper material with a special kind of resin, restricting combustion to 5000 calories.
Development, manufacture and sale of high-density resin
We have developed plastic material that has the same density as steel, and by making molding easy, we have been able to produce loudspeakers with high audio quality at low cost.
Development, manufacture and sale of powder coating
Coating materials (for fluidized bed coating and electrostatic coating) that excel in terms of shockproof properties, anti-adhesiveness and luster.
Since we develop them ourselves, we are able to offer them at very reasonable prices.