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Meisei Corporation
  Corporate Philosophy
At Meisei Corporation, we commence all our work from the perspective of developing new materials, for example a composite material comprising a resin containing paper or metal, or a new material incorporating ceramics. By offering such new materials that have innovative features and properties, we help our customers achieve their goals of new product development.   Why do we put so much effort into new materials development? Because, without materials development as the starting point, a wealth of new features and quality products will never come into being. Through the development of new materials and processing methods, we realize a diverse range of features including the ability to conduct electricity, anti-bacterial properties, deodorant effects, and recyclability.   As shown by our success in being the first to introduce fluidized bed coating technology into Japan, we focus on exercising originality and put our every effort into satisfying our customers' needs. The extent of our determination in this regard is proven by the high degree of trust our customers place in our products.

Company profile
Company name Meisei Corporation
Business Various types of powder resin coating, vinyl chloride paste dipping, wire rods welding, injection molding, blow molding, metal mold making, composite iron product development, manufacture of air-conditioning air filters, manufacture of conductible adhesives (conductible coating etc.), manufacture of various types of adhesives (antibacterial agents, fungicides, deodorants, adsorbents), special adhesive sheets, fiber mold, design of various machines
Address 49 Nishiyashiki, Nishiya-cho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi-ken 486-0908 Location map
TEL 0568-31-2238(FAX 0568-32-4872)
Capital 10 million yen
Founded 20 June 1961 (commenced operations 1950)
Annual sales 2.5 billion yen
Executive Officer Yasuo Ito, Representative Director
Number of employees 60
Plant site at
Headquarters plant area 8250m2Plant and office 4500m2
Major customers Takata Corporation, Sekisui Jushi Corporation, Kumi Kasei Co., Ltd., Ohashi Iron Works Co., Ltd., Marutaka Co., Ltd., Tokaikogyo Co., Ltd., Howakasei Corporation, Nitta Corporation, Toray Industries, Inc., Pioneer Corporation, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd., Nisshin Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., Kyoraku Co., Ltd., MRD Co., Ltd.
Company history
April 1950 Ito Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. established as a partnership in Nishimachi, Kamiida-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya.
Representatives: Michio and Shigenori Ito (brothers). Began research and operations with respect to light-alloy refining.
October 1952 Moved to Minami-kamiida-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya.
Expanded business in light-alloy refining and casting.
April 1954 Focused attention on the potential of synthetic resin manufacture, began research into manufacturing technology of foam resin.
April 1955 Consolidated manufacturing technology and established partnership firm Meisei Plastics Industry Co., Ltd as a separate company within the partnership. Began research into resin coating manufacturing technology, and after consolidating this, began actual manufacture.
October 1957 Dissolved and merged the partnerships Ito Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. and Meisei Plastics Industry Co., Ltd in order to expand and form Meisei Industries Co., Ltd. Undertook resin coating manufacturing technology research, consolidated this and began operations.
October 1959 Established the Kasugai Plant as a specialist resin coating factory at 49 Nishiyashiki, Nishiya-cho, Kasugai-shi.
June 1961 Kasugai Plant split off and made independent, Meisei Corporation established. Capital: 2 million yen. Representative Director: Shigenori Ito.
October 1963 Formed a sublicensing agreement with West German company Griesheim concerning fluidizing coating manufacturing methods.
October 1967 Increased capital to 5 million yen.
June 1968 Newly established injection molding division
March 1969 Increased capital to 10 million yen,
August 1973 Established Kyushu Plant in Kakaji-cho, Oita.
June 1981 Newly established metal mold division. Newly installed a fluidized bed coating furnace.
April 1982 Yasuo Ito appointed Representative Director.
April 1983 Established new plant for large fluidized bed coating furnace.
February 1985 Newly established blow molding division.
June 1991 New premises built.
February 1992 Acquired industrial land(3,000m2)
April 1998 Began outdoor greenery business. Product name: Plafount
2015 Began welfare business.